JazzC-ID Badge and ID Holders and Accessories * About Us



Welcome to JazzC-ID, located in Houston, Texas.  But, our true heritage hails from that iconic city of New Orleans, Louisiana, the birthplace of Jazz music and an inescapable jazzy lifestyle.  What a perfect inspiration for our business and our blinged-out badge designs and accessories!

So, what exactly inspired us to design and create a line of badge and ID holders? Well, quite simply, there was something missing to our new work suits - pizzazz. We needed to change all that.  After all, what girl doesn't want to sport a little sparkle when she steps out each and every day? So, we needed to find a way to make a big impact with a little item. These badge holders were perfect! In a 1 1/2 inch area we added pearls, rhinestones, and crystals and came up with the perfect accessory that packed a big punch.

Our work outfits were boring no more!  With unlimited possibilities and sparkly options, we continue to search for and add new designs all the time.  You will see many different creations, each of which will give you that special satisfaction every time you wear it.  Any one of our designs is guaranteed to jazz up your uniform, lab coat, suit, or backpack - whichever one you wear or need every day; so, find the one that compliments your own unique style and go for it!

Our promise to you is that our designs are crafted from the highest quality metals and materials.  We want to provide you with a beautiful, attention-grabbing accessory that will last for many, many days on the job.  We hope that you find your special piece so that we can add a little pizzazz to your day.  Any one of these accessories will set you up with an undeniably jazzed up and stepping out in high style attitude.  They are fun, they are luxurious, and they are a necessity! Trust me, every girl needs to have one of these. 

We would love to hear from you and we thank you for stopping by.  Thanks for visiting JazzC-ID!